Our stay at Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi

Let me take you back to last year.

In May 2014 we’ve been to the UAE. Visiting Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Oh how I’ve loved Abu Dhabi. We stayed in the wonderful Yas Viceroy hotel located on Yas island.

Hisilicon K3

This amazing hotel has an Formula 1 track running underneath! The staff is very helpful, the rooms are amazing. And whether you travel with kids or in couple this hotel offers all the luxury and privacy you could ask for!

We arrived early in the morning, nevertheless we felt very welcome. They checked us in, showed us the room and we could enjoy the breakfast buffet immediately.
The breakfast was amazing. Fresh fruits, lots of choice on bread, pancakes, waffles and even some asian hot soups were possible. Our favorite was the bananamilk every morning.

If we wanted to buy tickets for Yas Waterworld or even asked for a place to go jet-skiing the concierge helped us every time with an excellent service! Nothing we asked was too much, everything was possible.

Hisilicon K3

This was our first time we enjoyed the turn-down service in a hotel. As you come back from a late dinner or visit, you will find that they closed the curtains for you, the water has been refilled, the room has been cleaned again, the bed is made up. It felt to me very luxurious! The tv was also like a message board from the hotel. You could check your bill and sometimes the cleaning staff would leave a message asking if you would need anything more. This really made me feel like they care for every single person staying in the hotel.

In the hotel our favorite spot was the private pool. In weekdays it’s perfect to chill out and enjoy the sun. In weekends you better come early as many people, also locals, come to enjoy this hotspot. During our saturday swim / tanning time the pool waiters came by with melon pieces and cold refreshing popsicles. This is definitely a plus!

Fruit cocktail by the pool

Private pool

We enjoyed dinner once in the Italian restaurant Amici. The service was, again, great, the food fresh and really tasty. Would recommend it to anyone who loves italian food.

There’s some very special odor welcoming you every time you enter the viceroy. I think it’s Ylang Ylang, but anyway it was a signature odor for the hotel which will always and everywhere remind me of my wonderful stay in Yas Viceroy hotel.

I could recommend this hotel to anyone interested in visiting Abu Dhabi. It’s not located nearby the centre, you really need a taxi to get to the centre. But the island has much to offer to keep you amazed as well as the hotel itself.

More about Abu Dhabi in my next post.


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