Monday : of to Patong city

After crying over our last breakfast at the Sarojin, we checked out and headed to Patong city, Phuket.
We doubted about the location of our second hotel but when we got there, there was no doubt. Our second hotel ‘the senses resort’ is located on a hill.
The rooftop pool looks out over Patong.
After checking in, we went to discover our room. I must admit that everything was ok and spacious but just leaving the Sarojin I was a little disappointed.
Anyway, after a refreshing shower we took the free shuttle bus to the shopping mall.
JUNG CEYLON is very big! It opens ’till 10pm and by 8pm we hadn’t finished everything.
The first night we had KFC as we were pleased to be able to eat Halal food in Thailand!
After we went back to the hotel by foot as it was really close! Meanwhile seeing some more of Nanai road!



Sunday : last day Khao lak

So on our last day in Khao lak we went for a visit to the Similan islands.
We had breakfast in our suite as we had to be ready to leave at 7:15am.
A bus took us to the meeting point meanwhile picking up some more people from other hotels.
I could have never imagined such a tourist invasion! This meeting point was filled with plenty of tourists to visit these islands.
After paying a deposit we got some pillsĀ  for sea sickness and were gathered to go aboard. In our speedboat there were like 40people! Wow, not exactly what I had in mind, but anyway.. let’s do this!

Take off : about 1 hour and some people who got sick later, we made our first stop. 40minutes of snorkling at island nr 9! I must say : amazing! Such a great feeling! Above water you’d think there’s not much there, but once you go under a whole new world awaits! Many fish are actually real close by!


Second stop : island nr 8 > lunchtime!
After some food and drinks we climbed the big rock that shows a wonderful view!


3rd stop : island nr 7
Here there are giant turtles. There should be 5. We got 45 minutes of snorkling again. Unfortunately I didn’t see one, my husband did! I really enjoyed snorkling! The freedom of being on your own yet not alone..

Last stop : island nr 4
We had ice cream and about 1hour to sunbath, swim or just chill on this beautiful place..


After this, another hour to get back on land and get the bus to get us back to our resort!
I would definitely recommend this trip though if possible (financially) I would do this on a private boat. (Like for example the princess Sarojin, which takes a maximum of 12 people!)

I took a bath and a nap before we enjoyed the thai village evening at the Sarojin.
This started at 7pm.
We had a table close to the stage, on the beach.
There were several stands of thai food and there was live traditional music and dance. For me this was the perfect way to end our stay in the Sarojin! Magic!


I feel nothing but love for this little piece of heaven on earth, called the Sarojin!

Saturday November 29

Last night I thought about how our stay was almost over and I haven’t been to the pool for real. Of course we went on our first day but it was more checking out than really taking my time to enjoy.

So this morning I got up real early to have a good spot at the pool. 8:15 am and I got the best place : the middle cabana in the pool! Waw! It gave me the best feeling ever!


At 11am we had a small breakfast because at 12:30 I booked a massage at the resort’s spa ‘pathways’.
At my welcome I was asked some questions to personalize my aromatic massage. I also got soft slippers and a cold herbal drink, which I loved (forgot to ask what it was, it tasted very sweet, almost like orange flower with some honey). My masseuse introduced herself and took me to one of the cabanas where I got my massage.
This environment is just amazing! Outdoors but yet very private!
Usually I have trouble relaxing, but this was actually my first time I could almost fall asleep while having a massage! Just perfect. The treatment ended with a warm gingertea and again some questions for suggestions.
I felt a bit dazed and so I went back to my suite and enjoyed my outside bathtub.

At 4pm we went to Bang Niang. On Wednesday, Saturday and Monday it’s market time! Here you find all kinds of souvenirs, local clothing, food, some bars,…
Very pleasant to visit as a tourist! A must do when you’re in the neighbourhood.


November 28th

So elephant trekking and bathing right?
On this beautiful morning we were picked up at our wonderful resort ‘the Sarojin’ to go elephant trekking.
Only 15minutes by car we arrived at this place with the elephants. We were really excited and tried to find out which one would take us for a tour!
We got up some stairs and then took place on the little carriage on our elephant Po. She took us around, we saw this wonderful colibri bird. Such a bright color blue I never saw before on a bird.
Once arrived at the lake, the carriage was taken off Po and she was led into the water. There we got up on her again and walked a bit further in the water. She enjoyed playing with us. She dove in the water, head first. After a few times I couldn’t hold it anymore and fell into the water. The Thai found this very funny and so did we!


When we got back, we had breakfast (which is possible until 6pm in ‘the Sarojin’) and took a nap in our suite!

Later we took the shuttlebus again to Khao Lak. We had a Thai massage, awtch had no idea this was all about bending over and stretching! Anyway afterwards I felt good :-).

We also booked our activity for Sunday : a visit to the Similan islands!
We ate something and headed to the white sand beach for a last drink.
At the same time on the beach of our hotel they let up some lanterns, which was quit romantic and dreamy!


November 27th : first day in Thailand

So after a good night sleep and a good breakfast we decided to explore the hotel.
We first went to the beach, walked a bit, following the coastline and went for a swim in the warm clear Andaman sea!
After sunbathing for an hour, we decided to go check out the pool.
We were lying in the sun, looking for refreshment in the pool, which also has a bubblebath area.
Again after one hour we went back to our suite, to shower and prepare to go to the centre of Khao lak.
The hotels shuttle bus took us to Khao lak in like 10 minutes.
Khao lak has plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, food stalls, massage and tourist attraction kiosks.
First I had a footmassage, Thai style, whilst my husband checked out the shops. My first experience with thai massage was a success! No more sore feet! For like 200baht (equals about 5euros).
After this we booked our first excursion : elephant trekking and bathing.
This would be our fridaymorning activity.
After checking the shops and many discussions on the price we returned happy to our resort, where we had dinner.
Looking forward to our meeting with the elephants we went to bed early.

The Sarojin, Khao lak, Thailand

How to describe such an amazing resort as the Sarojin?!

After a warm welcome, where we were told about our upgrade to the suite, we ate something and went to bed, as the long trip from Brussels to Khao lak was very exhausting!


The suite has an terrace with an outdoor bathtub, a loungeroom, a huge bed, 2 toilets, 2 flatscreens and a bathroom with rainshower, normal shower and inside bathtub! AMAZING!

When having breakfast, which is included, you’ll enjoy a wonderful view! Their breakfast is also more than amazing. You can choose from a wide variety of foods! All kinds of eggs, coffee, tea, fresh juices, fruit, traditional thai breakfast and would you want anything of the menu just ask and they will meet up to your wishes!

How about the pool?! Never have I seen such an amazing pool. It’s the heart of the resort! You are surrounded by the calm atmosphere and really come to yourself here! If you prefer the beach, no worries they have a private beachside as well. You can hire their boat, the princess Sarojin, and many more!
As I also enjoy spa and wellness every now and then I visited the resort’s spa : Pathways.
I’m so happy I did! I had the most warm welcome and the professional approach really made me feel in good hands! I enjoyed an aromatic massage with coconut oil. OMG! Rarely had a massage this good! The outdoor setting is amazing! You are calmed by nature’s sounds and an amazing technique! After my visit I felt reborn!

In your room you can find a sheet with the activities planned for the week.
On our last night we decided to join the thai village evening! We enjoyed great Thai food and traditional music and dance! We had a table on the beach, on the background the soothing sound fof of the Andamansea. The perfect way to end our stay in this magical place.


I can only say that this is a once in a lifetime experience. Every globetrotter who loves some luxury should come here!

We definitely are coming back, then taking a poolresidence!

Qatar airways

To Thailand we flew with Qatar airways.
This was my first time with them and I was really pleased.
A lot of recent movies, plenty of good food and drinks!
The staff was really helpful and very kind.
All the flights were great, although I could notice a difference between the Boeing flight and the Airbus flight.
Boeing was much more modern, more spacious and maybe even a bit more friendly staff.
Next time I would definitely choose to fly again with Qatar airways!