Shame on me..

When I started this blog I was overwhelmed by the beauty and luxury of The Sarojin (as you can read here).
After I realised I had done a few amazing vacations to tropical places I wanted to create my own travelblog.. I follow a few via Instagram, and wanted to create my own story and share my adventures with whoever wants to read..

I named this blog gracefully Debby, because I wanted to keep an open mind about my blogtopic.. How much I do love to travel, I have some other life phases I want to get through to.

So as my draft of another amazing Thailand adventure (Six Senses – Yao Noi) has been half ready for over 9 months.. something else has been cooking for almost 9 months now.. 🙂

We’re expecting our first babygirl in a few weeks.. This has been such an amazing journey as well that time has passed without realising it..

We want to travel so much more in our lives, but we’re just not that good of planners.. So we might sit these full 40 weeks out and see how we can organise our lives with our little bundle of joy with us.


Something about chasing dreams


A few days ago I saw this quote on the Instagrampage of thegoodquotethegoodquote
As I just made up my mind about taking my blog more seriously,  this was not a difficult question.
I really want this blog! I like travelling and I see happiness in the small things (like a good cup of coffee).
My blog goal is to keep a memory of the wonderful, fun places I’ve been to or have experienced rather than making money out of it. It’s my journal and I like to share it with everyone who is willing to make the time to read and maybe try for themselves.

So yes, If money didn’t exist I would still chase my blog, and thus travel, dream!

How about you guys? What are your dreams and would you still chase them if there was nothing like money?