Discovering Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

Atlantis the palmThe second stop we made on our UAE trip was Atlantis the Palm in Dubai! This is the ultimate luxury experience!

From our hotel in Abu Dhabi we took a taxi to Atlantis the Palm in Dubai. It took us about one hour drive to get there. The hotels we’ve passed were already amazing, but once arrived I was amazed with the grandeur and luxury the Atlantis emits!

Plenty of cars, taxis and limousines stop all the time at Atlantis. Many bellboys are ready and help you and your luggages out of the car.
Once we’ve entered I was overwhelmed! This must be a dream I’m in.. Could this be real?? A big sculpture of colorful hand blown glass pieces (more than 3000!) is the first thing you see. Then, i had no idea where to check in. Many counters are to be seen, but a concierge saw my hesitation and came right up to us and guided us to the check in counter we needed.
There are many nationalities working in Atlantis the palm so the language you speak is probably one they speak as well.

glass sculpture atlantis

glass sculpture atlantis

Hisilicon K3

Atlantis the palm entry

The deluxe guest room is a classic standerd hotel room with all you need on a holiday. There is a balcony, a desk, flatscreen, fresh fruits, a safe,… But how the bathroom was my favorite place in this room! A spatious walk-in shower and a bath from where you can open a door to have an open view in the room.
The products of ESPA are amazing to use!
The fruit in the room is daily fresh and even the water bottles have the Atlantis brand on them. Like how cool is that!

We had only two days in Dubai, so we wanted to make the best out of it. Atlantis provided a free shuttle bus taking you to any shopping mall you want. We wanted to start with the outlet shopping mall and then go to the Dubai Mall. The trip to the outlet shopping mall was very long and so not worth it. We didn’t find our luck and decided to take a taxi to the Dubai Mall. My gosh! What a difference! This mall is so big! You can go skiing, ice skating, shop, eat, drink, there is even a rainforest cafe (one of my favorite stops in London) and much more.
Outside the shopping mall you can visit the Burj Khalifa. As for us, time was not on our side and we had to make a choice : shopping or visiting the Burj..
Yes, I know, we should be ashamed but we preferred the shopping. However we took some pictures of the building, at least we saw it from the ground up.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

I bought some traditional caftans, to wear at wedding parties. Every time I wear them it’s a great success, especially when I tell them I bought these in Dubai. The caftans of Dubai have a great quality and are known to be very glittery.

Back in the hotel we had our dinner at Kaleidoscope, same restaurant where we took breakfast. There is a wide variety of foods. Every cuisine has its place and as it is a buffet you can try many things!

The next morning after breakfast we went for a special date! My childhood dream coming true! A swim with the dolphins! Oh my god, I can’t believe this is really happening!
A small shuttle took us to Dolphin Bay, within Atlantis the palm. We were checked in, and had to wait until it was our turn. Once inside we had to put on some surf gear and had to remove everything that could come loose. After this we had instructions on what was about to happen and what we need to be careful about.
And then, le moment suprême!! My dolphin encounter! He was so soft and sweet and cute! There was one dolphin per 6 people to meet. We had a few moments to touch the dolphin and to dance with it! Also he took us swimming. After a hug and a kiss the time had already come to say goodbye.. This was amazing! Like really! One of the best moments in my life!

dolphin bay

dolphin bay

In the afternoon we went for some fun in Aquaventure. The water park also located within Atlantis the palm. As we already went for a waterpark in Abu Dhabi (Yas waterworld, Discovering abu dhabi) we decided to spend only one afternoon instead of a full day. The park was great! Plenty to see and do! Of course we had to do the leap of faith. The most vertical waterslide in the park. We felt like kids again, having so much fun in one day!  aquaventure

This hotel has so many to offer you could spend 2 (or more) days in Dubai without even leaving the hotel.
It offers 20 restaurants, plenty of bars, a lot of activities. The hotel is also very child friendly!

After a swim in the royal pool, which has an amazing view over the seaside (beach, burj al arab,..) we prepared to visit the lost chambers. These are the aquariums with all kinds of fish! Kids adore this place, it has something magical about it. All this colors and different kinds of fish!

lost chambers

lost chambers

I must say I regret not having had more time to enjoy this hotel any longer. We saw the highlights but ran short out of time to see more of Dubai itself. But surely we feel blessed to have been here. We enjoyed every moment we had here.


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