Travel dreams 2015

As the new year has started I’ve been browsing the internet looking for my next holiday!
After discovering the site http:// I’ve been working on my holiday.
So since Thailand is still on my mind and in my heart, I decided to go back  and visit the things we didn’t had the time for.
So, now only the wait till January 27 for my work permits me the vacation I am already planning đŸ™‚
So let’s pray!

#QatarAirways we want you to take us to Phuket again! Already looked up our ideal trip! 15hours to go, 16hours to get back! Sounds absolutely perfect!

Bucket List Phuket
Wat Chalong
Phi Phi islands
Big Buddha
James bond island
Tsunami memorial

HOTELS.COM : this website grants a night for free after booking 10nights! You find good prices and many hotels with reviews! You have to register and for this ‘free’ night you still need to pay the taxes but still you save a beautiful sum!

This time the hotel we definitely are planning to do is Six Senses, Yao Noi. Looks more than amazing! Can’t wait!