Sunday : last day Khao lak

So on our last day in Khao lak we went for a visit to the Similan islands.
We had breakfast in our suite as we had to be ready to leave at 7:15am.
A bus took us to the meeting point meanwhile picking up some more people from other hotels.
I could have never imagined such a tourist invasion! This meeting point was filled with plenty of tourists to visit these islands.
After paying a deposit we got some pillsĀ  for sea sickness and were gathered to go aboard. In our speedboat there were like 40people! Wow, not exactly what I had in mind, but anyway.. let’s do this!

Take off : about 1 hour and some people who got sick later, we made our first stop. 40minutes of snorkling at island nr 9! I must say : amazing! Such a great feeling! Above water you’d think there’s not much there, but once you go under a whole new world awaits! Many fish are actually real close by!


Second stop : island nr 8 > lunchtime!
After some food and drinks we climbed the big rock that shows a wonderful view!


3rd stop : island nr 7
Here there are giant turtles. There should be 5. We got 45 minutes of snorkling again. Unfortunately I didn’t see one, my husband did! I really enjoyed snorkling! The freedom of being on your own yet not alone..

Last stop : island nr 4
We had ice cream and about 1hour to sunbath, swim or just chill on this beautiful place..


After this, another hour to get back on land and get the bus to get us back to our resort!
I would definitely recommend this trip though if possible (financially) I would do this on a private boat. (Like for example the princess Sarojin, which takes a maximum of 12 people!)

I took a bath and a nap before we enjoyed the thai village evening at the Sarojin.
This started at 7pm.
We had a table close to the stage, on the beach.
There were several stands of thai food and there was live traditional music and dance. For me this was the perfect way to end our stay in the Sarojin! Magic!


I feel nothing but love for this little piece of heaven on earth, called the Sarojin!