Saturday November 29

Last night I thought about how our stay was almost over and I haven’t been to the pool for real. Of course we went on our first day but it was more checking out than really taking my time to enjoy.

So this morning I got up real early to have a good spot at the pool. 8:15 am and I got the best place : the middle cabana in the pool! Waw! It gave me the best feeling ever!


At 11am we had a small breakfast because at 12:30 I booked a massage at the resort’s spa ‘pathways’.
At my welcome I was asked some questions to personalize my aromatic massage. I also got soft slippers and a cold herbal drink, which I loved (forgot to ask what it was, it tasted very sweet, almost like orange flower with some honey). My masseuse introduced herself and took me to one of the cabanas where I got my massage.
This environment is just amazing! Outdoors but yet very private!
Usually I have trouble relaxing, but this was actually my first time I could almost fall asleep while having a massage! Just perfect. The treatment ended with a warm gingertea and again some questions for suggestions.
I felt a bit dazed and so I went back to my suite and enjoyed my outside bathtub.

At 4pm we went to Bang Niang. On Wednesday, Saturday and Monday it’s market time! Here you find all kinds of souvenirs, local clothing, food, some bars,…
Very pleasant to visit as a tourist! A must do when you’re in the neighbourhood.