November 28th

So elephant trekking and bathing right?
On this beautiful morning we were picked up at our wonderful resort ‘the Sarojin’ to go elephant trekking.
Only 15minutes by car we arrived at this place with the elephants. We were really excited and tried to find out which one would take us for a tour!
We got up some stairs and then took place on the little carriage on our elephant Po. She took us around, we saw this wonderful colibri bird. Such a bright color blue I never saw before on a bird.
Once arrived at the lake, the carriage was taken off Po and she was led into the water. There we got up on her again and walked a bit further in the water. She enjoyed playing with us. She dove in the water, head first. After a few times I couldn’t hold it anymore and fell into the water. The Thai found this very funny and so did we!


When we got back, we had breakfast (which is possible until 6pm in ‘the Sarojin’) and took a nap in our suite!

Later we took the shuttlebus again to Khao Lak. We had a Thai massage, awtch had no idea this was all about bending over and stretching! Anyway afterwards I felt good :-).

We also booked our activity for Sunday : a visit to the Similan islands!
We ate something and headed to the white sand beach for a last drink.
At the same time on the beach of our hotel they let up some lanterns, which was quit romantic and dreamy!