Take off date November 25th

Our take off wasn’t that relaxing at all!
We found ourselves in a huge traffic jam, which made us believe we would be back home by noon.
I called the airport saying we were running late. They replied that we could check in until 8:20 am. (At that time it was 7:45am, and we hadn’t even parked our car).
But all turned out good. We were checked in by 8:10 am and so now our holiday could really begin!

First stop Doha, Qatar.
We spent the night here, as we had 14hours between our connecting flights.

Next on : 7hour flight to Phuket airport.
Here our hotel transport was waiting for us to get to our lovely resort : The Sarojin.
Arrived at dark, we had a great welcome in our resort! We ate something and then straight to bed as this whole trip was very exhausting!